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Co-Founder in Residence, Next-Gen Compiler Integration About the job

At DSV we're looking for future Founders, entrepreneurially minded individuals with industry-specific technical and commercial domain expertise eager to solve urgent unmet challenges through venture building.

You will join DSV's venture creation programme as a Co-Founder in Residence and work closely with Co-Founder Tanya Mangoma, and the DSV team to spin-out a new company. We've already spent almost a year working on all aspects related to venture de-risking, including working out the optimal approach to solve for the desired outcome, mapping out the next-gen computing architecture, building a viable business case and attracting funding.

Once the new venture is incorporated with pre-seed investment from DSV (target: Q1 2024), you and your co-founder will own the majority stake in the business and continue receiving support from the DSV team post-spinout.

We're looking for a Co-Founder to join full-time, starting asap, remotely (with potential relocation post-incorporation - TBD).

The opportunity

In our data-intensive era, compute performance is being forced to scale to meet the increasing data volume, but at the cost of unsustainable power consumption. This is most evident in high-performance computing, where servers are using hundreds of TWh to cool the heat produced by CPUs and memory devices. This energy consumption is comparable to that of the UK's yearly spending and is projected to grow exponentially. Reducing this energy cost and carbon footprint is vital, and it requires industry-wide adoption of new computing technologies that surpass current technical capabilities and significantly reduce power consumption. Importantly, in order for these products to be adopted to have an impact, these technologies need to integrate into the existing hardware and software systems.

Our approach

Compute-In-Memory (CIM) using non-volatile memory has immense potential. By combining memory and compute elements, it creates a highly efficient computing RAM that consumes 95% less power. We're working on a venture focusing on enhancing enterprise software efficiency: server hardware solutions that offer superior software performance at reduced costs.

Expertise requirements to apply

  • A degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or equivalent practical experience Applicants with Masters or PhD will be given preference ;
  • 5+ years of experience with C/C++ and knowledge of functional programming;
  • Previous experience building LLVM compiler backends and ideally experience working with MLIR;
  • Experience working with FPGAs;
  • Experience collaborating with chip designers and hardware engineers;
  • Experience in a startup or small company environment;
  • A proven track record of recruiting and managing technical teams;
  • Masters or PhD in compiler technology;
  • 4+ years of experience working with FPGA especially Xilinx SDK or Lattice;
  • Comprehensive understanding of memory management, including DRAM and scratch pad memory.

About DSV

Deep Science Ventures is creating a future in which both humans and the planet can thrive. We use our unique venture creation process to create, spin out, and invest in science companies, combining available scientific knowledge with founder-type scientists to form high-impact ventures. DSV operates in four sectors: Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Agriculture, and Computation, tackling the challenges that define these areas by taking a first principles approach and partnering with leading institutions.

You will work with Ashraf Lotfi. Ashraf is a Venture Partner at DSV. As a successful entrepreneur, he built and sold his startup company based on his research work at Bell Laboratories in semiconductors to Intel. He has been recognized by the IEEE as a Fellow for his significant contributions to the field.

Our team dedicate several hours every week to each Founder or founding team to provide tailored guidance, resources and feedback covering every aspect of what it takes to successfully launch a new venture from both the tech and commercial perspectives:

  • We provide optimised, purpose-built, proprietary tools, resources and processes to help create high-impact ventures from scratch, using our venture creation methodology. Read more about one of our key tools here.
  • We draw on opportunity area specific know-how provided by our network of Partners and Advisors;
  • We provide £250k investment governed by our Investment Committee to incorporate the new venture and develop early proof-of-concept data that's needed to attract high profile non-venture studio VCs. This funding is also key to get grant funding, which most often needs to be matched with private investment;
  • We provide guaranteed income of £4,166 per month paid to each Founder in Residence as a consultancy fee until the company is launched and the pre-seed investment is secured;
  • You and your co-founders will own a majority equity stake in the company;
  • We provide continuous support after post spin-out, including fundraising, commercial partnerships, recruitment and team-building (amongst other things); plus
  • There are dozens of Founders currently at DSV across sectors working collaboratively and supporting one another - a unique resource to draw on.
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